Runescape Things to Do While You’re Bored

As you all know you can get really fast bored in Runescape while you’re training skills or combat. There are actually lots of things to do while you’re bored in Runescape, but you might not know all of them.Things to do.

  • If you’re really bored but still don’t want to log out from Runescape account then you should play mini-games.
    Mini-games are fun, and can still get you some xp. When you’re training strength for example, and you’re bored, then go to soul wars. Soul wars is great way to earn xp and you don’t get even bored.- Dungeoneering

Dungeoneering is latest skill launched by Jagex. You can explore dungeons with you’re friends or by yourself. There are always new challenges waiting for you. You should really try it and it doesn’t cost you anything, and you still earn xp.- Slaying

You still want to earn combat levels but you are really bored? Then start training Slayer. Slayer is fun and you don’t even get bored because you always get new tasks. Slayer is good skill because it will make you a lot money and you still get combat xp.- Skilling = boring?

Skilling can be actually really boring, I admit it. Fishing is really slow and you will get bored a lot BUT while fishing you can do lots of things what will keep you entertained. For example you can do you’re homework (boring) while fishing or you could just watch TV or play with xbox .- Duelling

You can always go to duel arena and fight players, you still earn xp and you don’t lose any money unless you want to stake.- Go outside?

There is always an option to go outside. While you’re really bored go hang out with you’re friends and go to beach for example.

There are still lots of things to do so I’m going to list them all here:
1) Play Castle wars.
2) Play Clan wars.
3) Just chill at G.E :d
4)Merch, it will give you lots of free time
5)Talk in clan chat
6) Explore new areas
7) Go PK (its always fun but you can lose a lot there)
8)Read my articles 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂