Runescape: The Fastest Way to Getting Rich

So you are either new to RuneScape or you have been a member of it for some time and you are looking for ways to make fast money. Well, with all the new updates, being a merchant is almost a no-go, except for one time of year.
Every summer, when kids are out of school, the prices, even with the new general exchange, sky rocket. Before this new trade limit went info effect, you could buy something for a million from someone and sell it to another for one and a half million. That may be a bit of a stretch, but it has happened. Now, with the general exchange, prices aren’t as easy to manipulate. But obviously it can still be done. This may not make you fast cash now, but the math will prove that if you save your money from now until just before next summer, you can triple or quadruple any money you make in the next nine months.

What should you do to make money until then? Well most people forget that the point of the game is not to be as rich as possible, but to get all your skills to level 99. The easiest money skills that take some time are wood cutting and fishing. These, as boring as they can be, are not only the most boring, but the easiest way to make free money. Are you in school right now? Do you get a lot of homework from your teachers? Why not do your homework while you cut trees or fish? This is the easiest way to pass the time and level up. With the new update that allows more time before you get logged out, you can now spend more time on your homework while you listen for the tree to fall or the fishing noise to stop. With swordfish so high or even monk fish if you finished the quest to get to them, you can make easy money while you do your homework.

I myself have been more of the money player and not the skill player. I started by buying rare items when the prices were just starting to creep up and believe it or not, a mask set was maybe $13Mil. Then, about a year or two later, a mask set was going for nothing less then $90Mil. That is where I got my money from. But in the mean time there were some jumps, even as of recently, that I could have turned my $112Million into much more. At one point I had 16 pumpkins that I paid $5Million each for. They went up to $16Million during a point that I had quit playing due to school. But I was greedy and even at $12Million each I did not sell. Bad move. But I always knew that Easter Eggs and pumpkins would one day get up high again. They did, but not when I expected it. I sold my 16 Easter Eggs around Easter of 2009 for just over $5Million each. Once summer and all the kids came back around, Easter Eggs hit a year high of just under $15Million. Just do the math for your self to see the kind of money you can make. Now you may not be the player that is involved in the rare items, so I have plenty of other items that can give you as much, if not more, profit once next summer comes.

Every summer for the past two or three summers, prices get messed up. So why not buy everything you need before then. I would wait until January to March to get all the items you want to buy before the prices start to get jacked. But what is good to buy to make that profit? There are a few choices that I prefer to put all my money on and so far, it has worked. Not only have I made myself over $112Million, $150Million before the crash of the party hats, I have also made a very close friend of mine over $100Million this way too. If you were able to combine the two accounts, it would be well over $250Million using this price jacking to my advantage.

The few items that I prefer to put all my money on are Pure Ess, Dragon Bones, Ranarr Seeds, and Ranarr Weeds. Just before summer, Pure Ess was trading for barely 110 to 121 each. By mid summer the prices hit almost 190 each. If you buy only 100,000 of them, you can turn $11Million into $19Million in the matter of months. I bought over 600,000 and did this to make my profits even more. Dragon bones are a no brainer when it comes to the price jack. Everyone knows that dragon bones are the best experience for prayer and the fastest way to get 99. Just before the summer started, dragon bones were trading for 1.8K. But the middle of the summer, dragon bones hit over 3.3K. If you have 30Mil to 60Mil from your woodcutting and fishing before summer starts, you can buy 20K to 30K of dragon bones. You can turn that 30Mil to 60Mil into 55Mil to 109Mil which is almost doubling your money. You need good money in order to turn it into better money. Of course if you already have the 100Million plus, why not buy more then I suggest. My only other suggestion is to buy Ranarr seeds and weeds or even prayer potions. These prices get ridiculously out of control come summer time. The price of seeds almost doubles and the price of the potions stays in proportion with the price of the weeds. But why not buy the seeds and either wait for the sky rocketing price or just plant them your self and turn the profits even higher. Not to mention that this is another great idea while you do your homework. Every hour and ten minutes that goes buy, you can go pick your herbs and turn the profits of your seeds even greater come summer time.

So this is my guide to making quick money. It may not be today or tomorrow, but it is the smartest way to maximize your profits each summer that you play.